The AKA have available podcasts of seminars that were held at the 2015 Brisbane AKA Conference.  A special thank you to Maureen Callister,  Robyn Kirk, Andrew Verity, Natalie Wareham and  Danny Liddell  for  participating and supporting the AKA in the new joint venture.

The podcasts are  available for purchase until 16th October 2016.

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  Maureen Callister

Podcast Title:  Chakra Psychology

Maureen Callister is a specialised kinesiologist, Master of NLP and owner of Self-Centred Clinic in Killarney Heights.  Maureen supports her clients in an approach that integrates Neuro-Training Kinesiology,  Coaching, Counselling and NLP. 

She has undertaken additional training in Reiki, Pranic Healing, Reflexology and Massage.  Maureen has worked internationally and locally in the health and wellness field.Maureen specialises in recuperation and health recovery, anxiety and depression, teenage stress and mental health, and spiritual and personal development. Her goal is support her clients to achieve optimal functioning and to make life easier.

  Robyn Kirk

Podcast Title: The What Type Are You? Using Kinesiology vs Self-Assessment Questionnaires    

Robyn studied Kinesiology (ICPKP) in Auckland, New Zealand from 2006, later adding Kinergetics, Spironics (a technique working with muscle energy by Ross Keen) and Touch for Health. 

In 2008 she trained with Dr. Bruce and Joan Dewe in PKP Level 1 teacher training and ran the NZ College of Kinesiology delivering PKP certificate courses in Auckland and Wellington. She later developed 'Direct Access Kinesiology' workshops that she taught for two years before her return to Australia 5 years ago. 

Robyn is based in the lovely country town of Wagga Wagga, NSW where she practices kinesiology part-time.

Andrew Verity

Podcast Title: Integration of Different Streams of Information: The Facts to Understand Integrating Different Types of Knowledge Within a Kinesiology Session

Andrew is an Author, Master Neuro-Trainer, Entrepreneur, highly trained Kinesiology researcher and practitioner. Energised by his lifelong passion for understanding neurological health, Andrew is the founder and director of Neuro-Training P/L, which serves as the foundation for a growing international network of schools offering diplomas in Neuro-Training and Kinesiology throughout Australia, Europe and South Africa.

In Australia, Andrew is the director of Neuro-
Training and the College of Neuro-Training
where he focuses on research and development of
Neuro-Training techniques which become course content. He has written more than 36 public
education manuals and more than 30 manuals for
the diploma of Neuro-Training as well as advanced
training. Andrew is also a qualified practitioner in Homoeopathy, Naturopathy and Iridology

  Natalie Wareham

Podcast Title: A Return To Wisdom In Business

After 20 years of practice, Natalie Carden (formerly Wareham) has decided to stir things up a little. She has seen thousands of clients, worked and taught in a variety of settings. Worked with some amazing practitioners and seen many others fall by the wayside.

Natalie has had a successful and thriving practice in Sydney for the past 10 years and is keen to share her insights and secrets with others to help them be more successful and hopefully have a slightly smoother ride than most. Stepping away from full time practice, Natalie is following her love of mentoring to focus on helping others grow their passion and use their gifts wisely

Danny Liddell

Podcast Title: The Other Side of Kinesiology: Contraction to Extension

Danny has been a Kinesiologist for 20 years and has taught at most of the major colleges in Qld including Endeavour College, Aust. Institute of Applied Sciences and Kinesiology Schools Australia (KSA). 

Danny is the author of How Kinesiology works and a lecturer of the Professional Kinesiology Program, Hyperton-X and the Neural Organisational Therapy.

He is a Senior Faculty Member of ICPKP and also the CEO of KSA since 2002. On nine occasions, Danny's clinic has been voted the best business in health by a leading newspaper. He has earned a strong reputation in learning difficulties and structural problems and has been the backbone behind the success of many elite athletes including state and national representatives and Olympians.

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